2014 December : Toby Stokes the Juice man

A huge thank you to the excellent Toby Stokes, a whizz with a Z1, as creative in the kitchen as he is with his facial hair And unbelievably generous when he finds good fortune. Thanks to The Tobester there are 80 – yes 80 – young men will be rescued from the streets of the slums of Nairobi and set up in the very profitable MAma Biashara business of sugar cane juicing. Thanks to him they will be able to feed their families and build a good life for themselves. Four groups of 20 young men (most of them in their twenties) will each recieve a brand new cane juicing machine (as een here) paid for by T. Stokes & shipped direct from Our Girls In China – who get them at a reduced rate because they work for the manufacturer. Thank you Mr Stokes, sir. There is a chilled JAgermeister and a pint of cooking lager waiting for you … I am so happy I felt the need to post another picture of Doris who is thrilled to tucks to be able to help another EIGHTY young men

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