Here is a list of our friends...

The Hilden Charitable Trust

Mama's first big boost came in the form of a grant from this fine body. They have been incredibly supportive, financially and also in giving advice and helping making contacts. The Hilden Trust and it's marvellous administrator Rodney made Mama Biashara possible.

CWAC - Children With AIDS Charity

Mama Biashara has really grown out of work I have been doing in Kenya with CWAC. And CWAC is very necessary to Mama - being a well established charity - all and any contributions to Mama Biashara will be made through CWAC, thus ensuring total accountability. To say nothing of Gift Aid!

Celtic Broadcasting

From July on, you will be able to see short video clips of Mama's progress in Kenya. Our two person team of camera operators: Janet Ogindo and Collinz the Boy Wonder are able to bring you this wonderful insight into life and work in the slums because of a generous donation by Garry Grant of Celtic Broadcasting. Garry's first venture was in sponsoring a Hair Salon in Lenana Slum and now he is moving back onto home ground by helping finance Mama's media arm.