2011 Kicking off Kucha Kool

Mama B’s latest venture, piloted in Nairobi and now hitting the streets in Kisumu. Kucha is the Swahili word for fingernail and so … Cool Nails.

We are working with commercial sex workers who want to get off the street and out of the bars. Utilising skills they already have … like nail care … Mama B sets each girl up with a kit comprising a dozen nail varnishes, a French Manicure Kit, buffers, orange sticks, emery boards, cuticle gel, varnish remover and hand cream and enough money to cover her first week’s travel. The girls then take their kit out and around the markets, shops and bars offering impromptu manicures at your place of work.

Our pilot business made our Kucha Kool Girl an average of 1500 ksh each day – three times what she made as a sex worker. And the cost of these new lives for our girls ? Around £12.00.

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