Micro Finance


Since 2008 Mama Biashara has been setting the poorest and most marginalised of women up in small, sustainable businesses across Kenya. This means a woman who has been forced into commercial sex work can leave the streets and make a new, independant life with her children, a woman who is being beaten by her husband can leave and be safe and secure, Continue reading “Microfinance”

Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project

Child rape is endemic in Kenya. And unreported child rape is the part of the tragic iceberg that generally goes unseen. Mama Biashara helps the mothers and their children escape a hell in which they – for different reasons – have been trapped. Continue reading “The Phoenix Project”

Community Education

Community Education

Alongside poverty, one of the biggest killers in Kenya is ignorance. We help with information on health (everything from the dangers of cooking without ventilation to our campaign on cholera prevention), nutrition, legal and constitutional rights and our Red Zone dolls are used with victims of sexual abuse and in schools to teach children how to say no. Continue reading “Community Education”